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What Are the Pros and Cons of Being an Event Planner?

Becoming an event planner is an extremely fun, exciting, and worthwhile career choice, but then it's often rather different from the more romantically romanticised image many's have. So is it right for you? Here are both the pros and cons: Advantages: Event planners earn quite handsomely, and their services can be hired on a short term basis or on a regular basis. There are many benefits for taking up the job, including: Flexibility - An event planner is given full control over the way things will run on the day, which is very helpful if you're working with many clients with a large number of responsibilities.

* Advantages and Disadvantages * This career can offer you an immense amount of flexibility. If you've ever run a small business or been part of a volunteer organization, you'll know that the possibilities are almost endless. Many event planners started out as part of a team, which gave them the opportunity to learn from each other, grow together, and build the business as a unit. This is one of the most common advantages of this type of career. The disadvantages are: the difficult task * It can be incredibly difficult to plan activities for a large number of people. * If you aren't extremely good at negotiation, you may find it very difficult to negotiate contracts.

* Disadvantages * If you're not too skilled at negotiation, it can be difficult to run a successful event planning business. * The work environment can be very stressful and impersonal, in particular the demands put on you by large clients. * Many event planners report feeling isolated due to the nature of the job. * You may need to rely on referrals and word of mouth to survive. The pros and cons of this career can easily be summed up by this: The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

* Tips on Career Choosing * One of the best things that you can do if you're thinking about starting a career as an event planner is to get some professional training in this area. Most event planners attend a variety of seminars or workshops to get some hands-on experience and to learn from others who have made successful careers out of their event planner skills. A certification or diploma program will provide you with a high level of expertise and make it easier to land jobs with higher salaries.

* Pros and Cons of Being an Event Planner * You will need to consider your personal goals when you are choosing an event planner career. The pros include a stable salary and benefits, the ability to create unique venues, meet a variety of clients and meet all of their demands. The cons include stressful and demanding work conditions, a high degree of responsibility and the possibility of burnout. Some event planners find that their skill set is such that they do not feel as though they are truly doing a service for their clients. If this is true, though, it can be said that this is more a reflection on the quality of the career than anything else.

* Tips on Career Choosing and Success - If you are choosing an event planner career, you should take time to look at all the options out there. While this career does come with its pros and cons, if you take the time to look at all of the options, you will have more of an idea of which career is right for you. Keep in mind that the only way to know if you are cut out for this type of work is to get some hands-on experience. There are plenty of ways to learn the ins and outs of event management, whether you are attending a class or just reading books. An education will only strengthen your resume.


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